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Groovy Keto Cocoa Porridge

Groovy Keto Cocoa Porridge

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We introduce our brand new recipe keto Cocoa Porridge! Extra smooth and more chocolatley. This is possibly the most tasty keto porridge on the market!

🥣 THE ULTIMATE KETO COCOA PORRIDGE ALTERNATIVE - Avoid spiking your blood sugar levels with Groovy Keto Cocoa Porridge. This contains absolutely no oats whatsoever, making it idea for anybody following a keto diet and low carb lifestyle. 

🥣 EACH PORTION HAS ONLY 2g NET CARBS - We've mixed the perfect blend of low carb keto ingredients to make it the most porridge- like we can possibily make it. Feel totally guilt-free knowning you can enjoy without the carbs! This means you can easily stick to your daily carb limit.

🥣 100% NATURAL KETO INGREDIENTS - There is nothing artificial in our Groovy Keto Cocoa Porridge. We only use ingredients that are keto friendly, super tasty and healthy for you, giving you the very best start to the day.

🥣 PORRIDGE COMES IN 280g POUCH | 8 SERVINGS - All you need to do is add your favourite milk (We highly recommend almond milk, or even water!). Then whack it in the Microwave for 60 seconds. If you prefer your porridge to be thicker, add for a bit longer. 


Ingredients: Golden Milled Flaxseeds, Chia Seeds Desiccated Coconut, Chicory Root Fibre, Cocoa Powder, Coconut Flour, Erythritol & Stevia Blend

Nutrition Info

Nutrient Per 100g Per serving
Energy (kcal) 396 kcal 138 kcal
Fat 27g 9.6g
of which saturates 11g 3.7g
Carbohydrates 20g 7g
of which sugars 3g 1g
of which polyols 14.3g 5g
Net Carbs
(Total Carbs - Polyols)
5.7g 2g
Fibre 29.3g 10.3g
Protein 7.8g 2.7g
Salt 0.07g 0.02g
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You'll love our Groovy Keto Cocoa Porridge

Get ready to embark on a cocoa-infused journey with our Groovy Keto Cocoa Porridge. Indulge in the velvety decadence of rich cocoa blended harmoniously with our signature keto-friendly ingredients. This delightful bowl of goodness will captivate your taste buds with its luscious chocolatey flavor while keeping your body fueled and satisfied. Each spoonful of Groovy Keto Cocoa Porridge is a guilt-free treat that brings joy to your mornings and sets the stage for a productive day ahead. Elevate your breakfast experience and embrace the irresistible allure of chocolate, keto-style!

Groovy Keto Cocoa Porridge Questions and Answers

Can you eat porridge on keto?

Absolutely! Our keto porridge contains no oats, and low in carbs. In fact, our cocoa porridge is only 2g net carbs per portion!

What is the benefits of keto porridge?

High in healthy fats,
A source of protein,
Naturally high in fibre,
100% Natural Ingredients

How many servings are in our Groovy Keto Porridge?

Our porridge comes in a 280g bag with 35g servings (That's 8 servings)

How do I prepare the keto porridge?

Add a serving of mix and pour in your favourite milk or water. You can then blast in microwave for 60 seconds (Add another 30 seconds if you want it thicker) or use the hob, and stir util desired thickness.

Why is keto porridge more expensive compared to normal porridge?

Well, our ingredients are more expensive than the cheap oats you buy in standard porridge. Most of our ingredients are often referred to as superfoods, which costs more for us to buy.

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