About Us

Hey! Welcome to Groovy Keto!

Groovy Keto was Created in 2020 with the intention of fulfilling our customers aspirations of keeping healthy, loosing weight and at the same time, sticking to a ketogenic lifestyle. 

The problem with keto

If you've ever tried keto, you've probably realised one thing: 

Sticking to keto is really tough! 

You've got to give up a lot of your favourite foods such as bread, cake and brownies. And who wants to do that for the rest of their lives? That's why I set out to try and solve this problem.

The search for Keto Friendly foods

Quite early on my keto quest, I realised there was so many products on the market advertised as "keto", but in fact, contained ingredients that weren't keto friendly. Ingredients that were cutting corners because they were cheaper and or having too many carbs per portion. The question I kept asking myself, who can I trust? 

The start of Groovy Keto

I've spent several months and hundreds of hours researching the keto diet, which led me to the creation of Groovy Keto. 

Delicious and healthy keto versions of foods you thought you had to give up

We can't wait for you to try my Groovy Keto products and inspire you through your keto journey.