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Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix

Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix

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A brand new exciting low carb keto cake mix from the team at Groovy Keto. We introduce our Keto Gingerbread Mix! Just in time for Xmas!

⛄ EACH SERVING IS ONLY 1.2 NET carbs (That's total carb minus the polyols) - Stay low carb and keto by not spiking your blood sugar levels with our Groovy Keto low carb and keto friendly gingerbread mx.
⛄ A PERFECT KETO LOW CARB MIX FOR ANY OCCASION - Our Gingerbread Mix is ideal for anybody making biscuits for people on low carb diets. Feel guilt-free, knowning that you are you are consuming very little carbs, and more importantly, zero sugar!
🎄 SUPER TASTY KETO GINGERBREAD CAKE MIX THAT DON'T SPIKE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS - We use a blend of Erytritol and Stevia to sweeten our gingerbread mix, which don't spike your blood sugar levels like other so called keto friendly sweeteners. Ideal for people on a keto diet, paleo and diabetic free.
🎄RIDICULOUSLY EASY TO PREPARE - JUST ADD BUTTER AND 1 EGG - this keto biscuit mix makes approximately 14 pieces, each gingerbread piece cake slice is 1.2g net carbs (This includes the eggs and butter when baked).




Almond Flour, Erythritol (Sweetener), Chicory Root Fibre, Golden Linseed, Organic Coconut Flour, Ground Ginger, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Gloves, Gluten-free Baking powder (Mono calcium phosphate, Rice flour, Sodium bicarbonate), Xanthan Gum, Ground Nutmeg, Himalayan Pink Salt, Stevia Extract (Sweetener).

Allergen information: Contains nuts (Almonds)

Nutrition Info

Nutrient Per 100g Per serving
Energy (kcal) 373 kcal 136 kcal
Fat 30g 12g
of which saturates 2.9g 4.2g
Carbohydrates 33g 12g
of which sugars 3.7g 0.8g
of which polyols 27.5g 5.8g
Net Carbs
(Total Carbs - Polyols)
5.5g 1.2g
Fibre 17.4g 3.7g
Protein 11g 3g
Salt 0.25g 0.08g
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You'll love our Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix

Introducing the grooviest keto gingerbread mix on the market! Our delicious blend of almond flour, coconut flour, and warming spices will have you feeling festive all year round. Perfect for those following a low-carb lifestyle, our mix is also gluten-free and sugar-free. Simply add eggs, butter, and your favorite low-carb sweetener for a batch of soft, chewy gingerbread cookies or a loaf of spiced bread. Whether you're enjoying a cozy night in or entertaining guests, our Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix is sure to please. Try it today and taste the groovy difference!

Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix Questions and Answers

How can Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix add a festive touch to my ketogenic lifestyle?

Our Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix brings the warm and comforting flavors of gingerbread to your keto-friendly diet, allowing you to enjoy a delightful holiday treat while staying in ketosis.

What makes Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix the perfect choice for a keto-friendly gingerbread experience?

Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix is carefully formulated with keto-approved ingredients and a delightful blend of ginger and spices. It offers a moist and flavorful gingerbread experience without compromising your low-carb goals.

How easy is it to bake delicious gingerbread using Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix?

Baking scrumptious gingerbread has never been easier with Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix. Simply follow our user-friendly instructions, add a few pantry staples, and you'll have homemade keto-friendly gingerbread ready to enjoy in no time.

Can I personalize my Groovy Keto Gingerbread with keto-friendly icing or other creative decorations?

Absolutely! Our Gingerbread Mix provides a versatile canvas for your creativity. Add a sugar-free cream cheese icing, low-carb sprinkles, or even a dusting of cinnamon to customize your gingerbread creations and make them extra special.

Is Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions, such as gluten sensitivities?

Yes! Groovy Keto Gingerbread Mix is gluten-free, making it an excellent choice for individuals with gluten sensitivities or those following a gluten-free diet. You can savor the nostalgic flavors of gingerbread without worrying about gluten-related issues.

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