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Groovy Keto Xanthan Gum (150g)

Groovy Keto Xanthan Gum (150g)

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Your Essential Keto Baking Ingredient πŸ₯§πŸž. Elevate your keto cooking and baking with our Groovy Keto Xanthan Gum. This isn't just any xanthan gum; it's a premium quality, extra-fine ingredient that's a staple in keto kitchens.

Here are some reasons why our Groovy Keto Xanthan Gum stands out:

  • βœ… Extra-Fine Quality: Meticulously crafted for use in keto baking recipes, our extra-fine xanthan gum ensures perfect texture every time. πŸŽ‚
  • βœ… Versatile: A popular food additive, xanthan gum is commonly used as a thickener or stabilizer in a wide range of recipes. 🍲
  • βœ… Non-GMO: Committed to your health, we ensure our xanthan gum is non-GMO. 🌽
  • βœ… Weight: Each pack contains 150g of xanthan gum, offering excellent value. 🏷️


Xanthan Gum (E415)

Nutrition Info

Nutrient Per 100g
Energy (kcal) 320 kcal
Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 4.6g
of which sugars
of which polyols
Fibre 74.9g
Protein 6g
Salt 1.5g
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You'll love our Groovy Keto Xanthan Gum (150g)

Introducing Groovy Keto Xanthan Gum, your key to turning ordinary recipes into extraordinary creations. This isn't just any ingredient; it's the magic touch that elevates your keto culinary adventures to new heights.

Our premium-grade Groovy Keto Xanthan Gum is meticulously crafted to provide impeccable texture, structure, and stability to your recipes, ensuring flawless results every time. From whisking up velvety smooth sauces to baking mouth-watering goods, this versatile ingredient is a game-changer in the kitchen.

But the Groovy Keto Xanthan Gum isn't just about delivering the perfect texture. It's also a keto-friendly marvel that aligns perfectly with your ketogenic lifestyle. Say goodbye to the frustrations of failed recipes and embrace the grooviness of exceptional taste and texture.

Want to learn more about the magic of xanthan gum and how it can transform your keto baking and cooking? Check out our comprehensive guide on xanthan gum.

Choose Groovy Keto Xanthan Gum, let your culinary prowess shine, and unlock a world of gastronomic delights!

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